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Zombe's ModPack(Flying):: [CLICK HERE]

MyCraft(Flying and Other Mods):: [CLICK HERE]

Official Minecraft Screen Capture Program(Quick Screen Capture):: [CLICK HERE]


----------------------------How to donate----------------------------

This server doesn’t run off of air does it? To keep this server lag free and a great 24/7 community we need to have donations to pay for the server. Now, donating doesn’t just get you access to this great server it also gets you some perks listed below:

If you are looking to donate for the PVP server click HERE

Minecraft Username
Reference (Optional)

More Donation Options: CLICK HERE

Donation Ranks::


$2 Donation


Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, and [AdvMember]>

/tp (teleport to other players)

Allowed the use of fly mods

The ability to build in some protected regions

CraftBook Tools

[Builder] tag


$7 Donation


Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, [AdvMember]>, and [Builder]

/i (spawn items)

Use Skyblock to create a party

/mail (ability to use the mail system)

/msg (the ability to send private messages)

/god (god mode, you can not die with this on)

/warp creative (access the creative world)

/f create [faction name] (create a faction)

Less chance of getting permanently banned

[VIP] tag


$15 Donation


Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, [AdvMember]>, [Builder], and [VIP]

/mc (magic flying carpet)

/setwarp (create a warp that anyone can teleport to)

/kick (kick players)

/tphere (teleport players to you)

/back (return to your previous location)

Create NPCs

[VIP+] tag


$25 Donation


Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, [AdvMember]>, [Builder], [VIP], and [VIP+]

/mob (mount on animals, monsters, and players)

/powertool (ability to assign a command to a tool)

/gm (creative in ANY World)

/ptime (Change the time of day for yourself)

/trail fire fire trail

[Premium] tag



$35 Donation


Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, [AdvMember]>, [Builder], [VIP], [VIP+], and [Premium]

/ban (ban a player)

/hawk tool (use the "admin block" to find griefs)

/hawk rollback p:[player name] r:[radius] (roll back a player's grief within a certain radius)

/mcbans (mcbans permission)

/invsee (ability to see other players inventory)

/trail smoke smoke trail

Ability to look inside of locked chests and doors

[Moderator] tag


$50 Donation


Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, [AdvMember]>, [Builder], [VIP], [VIP+], [Premium], and [Moderator]

/gm (creative mode in any world)

Ability to use colored text in the chat and on signs

Ability to build in all protected regions

/trail all trails

[Admin] tag

All availible commands except for world edit commands, /enchant all, and /npc.


$100 Donation

[Super Admin]

Everything from [Noob]>, [Member]>, [AdvMember]>, [Builder], [VIP], [VIP+], [Premium], [Moderator], [Admin]

[Super Admin] tag

All commands except /npc.

**World Edit Commands**


Additional information on ranks can be viewed here.

-Thank You.

Ban Appleal Form: Click Here

Sadmin/Seadmin Reccomendation Form: Click Here

Paying to be unbanned
To qualify to be unbanned you must pay $15 or more based on the severity of your ban. You will NOT get any benefits besides being unbanned. You must not of been banned for advertising and you must of not been banned, then voted unbanned, then re-banned. Also this does not apply to any individual who has been globally banned. OR Click Here for the option to be permanently unbanned, which means you cannot be banned!
Banned Username:

*Notice*: If found abusing these additional benefits, depending on the severity, a warning, demotion, or ban will be issued,also  as this is considered a donation no refund can be given. Please allow a maximum of24-48 hours for all promotions/services to be enacted. If you have not received your rank after the specified time frame please contact the owner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it All donations received will go to the running of the server and not be used for personal spending. Also please make sure to tell a staff member about donating!


We have limited some very destructive commands from administrator rank. These permissions are still accessable through Super Admin rank which can be attained by joining the server and reading on how to become one.